Take-away Christmas Dinner

Pick up December 23rd between the times of 12-5pm at Petite Leon

Sit back, relax and don’t worry about cooking this holiday season and let us feed the family with our Christmas take-away meal.

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$185 + service charge

Feeds 4-6, limited quantities available

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The Beef
These aren’t your grandmas short-ribs... you’ll be getting 2lb’s of beef short-ribs that have been slowly braised in our birria sauce consisting of warm spices and Mexican chilies. You will definitely not be needing a knife for these babies; they are spoon tender
The Snacks
Bermuda Onion Dip (gf) (veg) put this on everything, your toast, bagels, that smoked salmon you’re getting or just a spoon... it’s that damn tasty
Hot Smoked Salmon (gf) cured and gently smoked organic wild salmon with capers, thin shaved onions and an everything bagel spice
Lemon Pepper Salami Bites (gf) yeah we know, sounds weird but its delicious. Salami meets creamy white beans in vinegar... put it on a toasted baguette and enjoy
Foie Gras Mousse (gf) we use the best foie gras in the country and it just so happens to be in our neck of the woods, in Caledonia MN.
Patissier 46 Baguette (veg) our friends down the street have this amazing baguette, we thought you should have it for all those snacks. Make crostini or just toast it and spread some of that onion dip all over it.
The Sides
Roasted Carrots (gf) (v) roasted carrots tossed in our earthy salsa macha sauce
Birria Gravy (gf) (veg) in case you need to add more to your short-ribs or pureed potatoes
Garlic Mushrooms (gf) (veg) butter, garlic, olive oil and fresh herbs
Pureed Potatoes (gf) (veg) silky pureed potatoes with butter, cream, sea salt and a touch of crème fraiche
Le Petite Haricot Vert Hot Dish (gf without crispy topping) (veg) creamy chipotle gravy mixed with green beans and crispy onions, no table is complete without a casserole during the holiday
Pull Apart Rolls (veg) a dozen pull apart rolls, you know, in case you need to make a sandwich or sop up that delicious birria gravy
The Dessert
Deep Dish Apple Pie (veg) a holiday classic, because sometimes you just want to end the meal feeling nostalgic


You can reach us at lara@petiteleonmpls.com.

Nothing is more important to us than the health of our customers and our community. Please gather responsibly for the holidays this year—these meals are intended to be shared with your immediate family and your existing COVID “bubbles.”

(v) = vegan
(veg) = vegetarian
(gf) = gluten free